The Viridian Temple is an Alien Temple located inside the largest mountain in the map. The Temple has the Dominus Viride residing in it. The Dominus Viride is required to finish the Ex Hoc Mundo Quest, and is usually the third and final Dominus that is found by the player.

An alien map can be found here, which points the player to the Virgam Pascha Ovo

The Viridian Temple is an Aztec style temple that has many torches around it, and in it. Near the temple is an alien spacecraft, which could be a reason why there are alien corpses located throughout the temple. Atop the temple is a small room where the Dominus Viride resides in. Inside the room is two torches and two alien corpses.

Note: It is impossible to get out of the Viridian Temple without resetting your character.

Viride outside

Outside entrance to the Viridian Temple

Dominus Viride

The Dominus Viride inside the Viridian Temple