The Virgam Pascha Ovo is an inventory item that can be obtained by players for free. It is one of the items required for players to be able to complete the Ex Hoc Mundo Quest.


Fig 1 rawufsh

Fig. 1 - The rock seen during gameplay. Notice how a traffic light is near to this rock.

Pressure plate

Fig. 3 - The pressure plate is quite visible when it's day or if a light shines on it.

In order to obtain this item, one must locate a rock on the Eastern beach (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 for reference). Then, he/she must stand on a hidden pressure plate (Fig. 3), and then go to the back of the rock, search a hole underwater, and then jump in. Then, one will see a hole cut into the seabed (Fig. 4), and he/she must go into this hole. When the player has entered, he/she must continue to swim down and fall down into an underground lake, and one will see an island (Fig. 5) near to the edge of the lake. Resting upon this island is the Virgam Pascha Ovo.
Fig 2

Fig. 2 - The location of the rock on the map. The blue circle indicates where it is.

Fig 4

Fig. 4 - The hole in the seabed

Fig 5

Fig. 5 - The island with the Virgam Pascha Ovo resting on it.