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If you have any troubles, drop me a message! I am an admin and I'm happy to help, however please keep in mind that I do live in Australia and when you message me I might be asleep, but I'll try reply ASAP! :)

this is mydog

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nothing special about me apart from the fact that I am an admin and made the 25kth and 27kth edit omg epico

and the only person to have done 500 edits on under construction articles (and nearly 1000)

noice, hot pohtato

and responsible for the mass reimaging

AND is the first to get 1000 edits badge

and the first to get the 1.5k edits badge too

and responsible for cleaning up categories

and #1 contributor

veckil simlator faccts

i hav evry veckil apot from interceptor and 2013 model s

149 milyon dolar at tyme of rite

80 kay mils at tyme of rite (abot tim)

-1 2.gif

pacc facc