aka SyncCraftGaming

  • I live in Sydney
  • My occupation is blowing motors.

Hello, Vehicle Simulator Wiki User, welcome to my profile!

While I'm not ranked highly on the wiki, I am was a very dedicated player of Vehicle Simulator. I have plenty of experience in-game regardless and I hope I can help those who I can help. If you have any enquiries, you can message me on Roblox or Discord (more likely to respond). My username is SyncCraftGaming :D

Racing Clan(s)

  • VSpec Velocita
  • Midnight Drifter (Clan has become a bit inactive)


As of now, I have stopped racing on Vehicle Simulator due to the Chassis being extremely unstable, completely unpredictable and simply not as fun and simple as it used to be. I have since moved to playing Project Trackday and Midnight Racing: Tokyo as they offer a small but nice community and the devs sort of listen to the players of the game so each update is quite demanding. The physics are much more realistic and stable and quite fun if I do say so myself.

8/09/20 - I'm going into heavy exam period so I will be less active with edits and contributions. I will get on every day to check up but I won't be doing much throughout the next 3 weeks.

Achievements on the Wiki

  • Officially acquire admin on 11:19, June 21, 2020
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