The Supercars Dealership sells the most expensive cars and vehicles in the game. These vehicles are also supercars, which are the best cars in the game, although these vehicles are only bought by experienced players due to their price ranging from; $90,000 - $12,000,000, averaging $1,573,306 per car.

All empty spaces are now filled as of 15 September 2019.

Cars Sold

The following car list is arranged in alphabetical order according to the second column.

No. Car Name Brand (In-Game) Formerly Known As Brand (Real Life) Class Price Found on
1. Baron GT Baron 2006 Ford GT Ford Super $400,000 1st floor
2. Baron GT S Baron 2017 Ford GT Ford Super $600,000 1st floor
3. Cittadi Street Screamer Cittadi Pagani Zonda R Pagani Super $2,000,000 1st floor
4. Delta Ctrl8 Delta Audi R8 Audi Super $160,000 1st floor
5. CMD Hovercar (DMC DeLorean) CMD DMC Delorean DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) Super $2,001,995 1st floor
6. Faccia LaFaccia Faccia Ferrari LaFerrari Ferrari Super $1,400,000 1st floor
7. Faccia Z-40 Faccia Ferrari F40 Ferrari Super $700,000 1st floor
8. Galant Killerclaw Galant Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Dodge Super $333,333 1st floor
9. Galant Mamba GTS Galant Dodge Viper GTS Dodge Super $90,000 1st floor
10. Guran GT-R Guran Nissan GT-R Nissan Super $100,000 1st floor
11. Hessenmot Chariot Hessenmot BMW M6 BMW Super $94,100 2nd floor
12. Luxerapide Vacances Luxerapide Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Super $1,600,000 2nd floor
13. Mastiff Patron Mastiff Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Mercedes-AMG (AMG) Super $120,000 2nd floor
14. Mclovin Sharpshooter GT3 Mclovin McLaren 650s GT3 McLaren Super $350,000 2nd floor
15. Mclovin T1 Mclovin McLaren P1 McLaren Super $1,600,000 2nd floor
16. Peregrine Kingsman Peregrine Lamborghini Huracán Lamborghini Super $200,000 2nd floor
17. Peregrine Recluse Peregrine Lamborghini Egoista Lamborghini Super $12,000,000 2nd floor
18. Peregrine Vieno Peregrine Lamborghini Veneno Lamborghini Super $4,000,000 2nd floor
19. Serene 901 Turbo Serene Porsche 911 Turbo S Porsche Super $290,000 2nd floor
20. Superbil Act Superbil Agera R Koenigsegg Super $1,600,000 2nd floor
21. WM Dubakan Sport WM W Motors Lykan Hypersport W Motors Super $3,400,000 2nd floor
Total Cost $33,039,428 N/A
Average Cost (21 Cars In Total) $1,573,306




  • When the Ford Mustang GT was added to the Auto's Car Dealership, the BMW M6 was moved to the Super Dealership because there was no more space.
  • The cheapest car in the Super Dealership so far is the Galant Mamba GTS (Dodge Viper GTS).
  • Sometimes in updates, cars can get moved around from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor.
  • The previous music was the Garage theme from Gran Turismo 6, until it was updated to an official Vehicle Simulator release by BSlick, who also made the rest of the music.
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