Speed Cameras are boxes on the sides of streets which are used to measure a car's speed and capture a picture of it if needed. In Alpha, the speed camera was functional, then disabled for a period of time, then was functional again.

On the backs of these speed cameras is a Wanted list, which shows the recorded speeds of all vehicles which have gone past it that have been over 50 MPH, or that have been faster than any of the speeds recorded in the top 10 list.

Speed cameras are found in front of the police station, the Airport, The grasslands near the Arena, nearby the Club Nacht, nearby the City and nearby the Race Track. On the front of these cameras are 3 squares, one bearing a camera lens and two being the actual radar gun.


Speed Camera infront of police station


Speed Camera next to Airport


Speed camera next to the city area


Speed Camera near the beach


Speed Camera near stadium