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Races Guide

Drag races (Airport Quarter Mile & Quarter Mile)


This type is the most famous races in Vehicle Simulator, which means a lot of players would go to airport for challenge others by racing with their fastest cars. You get 1500 if you win, 100 of you get second place. Sometimes a crate


Airport / Drag Strip


A maxed car will have every upgrade at its maximum ---

Racing Springs, Racing Shocks, Low Rider ride height, Racing Tires or Drag Slicks, Rocket Fuel, Ludacris engine, Quad Turbo and Pro Short Gears.


Counting down (3) - Start pressing W

Countdown is 1 sec left - Press Shift key (Nitro)

Race ended and racing score shows out - Slow down your car (Race was ended)


Recommended Cars


Type Manual Auto Remind
Rodger Dodger 2.0™/D-Muscle™ Special X Basically a Dodge Hellcat.
Dodge Hellcat Super X Use drag tire and max upgrade it, it can hit 5.8 secs or even 5.4 secs.
Twin Mill III™ Special X One of the fastest car in the Hot Wheels Event
Pagani Zonda R Super X Fifth Fastest
Lamborghini Egoista Super X X Fastest (Shares place with Tesla Roadster 2.0)
Tesla Roadster 2.0 Electric X Fastest (Shares place with Lamborghini Egoista)
Ford GT Super X X Fourth Fastest
Lamborghini Veneno Super X Second Fastest
Suzuki GSX-R1000 Motorcycle X Third Fastest
Jeep Trackhawk SUV X One of the fastest Auto's vehicles. 
Lykan Hypersport Super X Max it out and you can get around 5.6
Saleen S7 Super X Maxed it can get around 5.1-5.2
Koenigsegg Jesko Super X It can do 5.9 with a pro long, giving that it can probably do around 5.6-5.5
  • Funny fact: the barrier of the Drag Strip was removed in the 2020/04/08 update, which means players will hit the mountain if they don't stop.
  • You can spam X to give yourself a slightly better launch, But stop spamming it once the announcer says 1

Highway Race


It is known as the Second longest race (2 miles)in Vehicle Simulator, required at least 2 players joining to start the race. Note: For this race, you will need both Grip and Drift, please follow steps below. You get 20k for first place, and 10k for second.


For this race, its recommended to have

Drift Tires, Racing springs, Racing shocks, Low Rider ride height, Rocket Fuel, Ludicrous Engine', Quad Turbo and 'Pro Long Gears


  1. Do not use any cars that get out of control easily while turning in high speed;
  2. If you want to drift, check this out. Be careful when drifting through corners!

Recommended Cars


Type Manual Auto Remind
Agera R Super X X Wallride
Pagani Zonda R Super X Wallride
Nissan Skyline R34 Sport X Brake when needed, grip the corners.
Lamborghini Egoista Super X X Wallride
Lamborghini Veneno Super X X Wallride
Saleen S7 Super X Don't wallride this car! Instead, try to grip through the corners in a medium speed.
W Motors Lykan Hypersport Super X

Wallride (depends), and use nitro if you want to wallride it instead of grip through corners.I

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Super X Wallride with -14 to -16 CAMBER
Suzuki GSX 1000 Motorcycle X Grip and dont brake unless your about to hit a guardrail, dont wallride.
Koenigsegg Jesko Super X Wallride, the brakes are to weak to grip this car.

Drift King(Deleted)(Might come back)


It is one of the most unpopular race in the game, located in the dock and it is known as extremely glitchy.


It's recommended to equip Rocket Fuel, Drift Tires, Ludicrous engine and Quad Turbo


To win the race, when the countdown was finished, spam pressing X key (Makes your car jump), Shift (Nitro) and Space (To breaks and drift) until the *drifting scores* (orange background, white numbers located under your screen) pop out. Then, move your car through every check point and finish the race while the drifting scores is increasing.

Optional : Either that or ignore everything here and just do donuts with an 86. (of course...don't sink)

This gamemode is deleted in the 2020/4/18 update.

Race Track


The track was rebuilt during recent update, takes skills to finish the whole race in short period of time


For this race, you got two ways of turning, you may choose one


Drift Tires, Stock springs, Stock shocks, Low Rider ride height, Rocket Fuel, Quad Turbo, Ludicrous engine, and Pro Short Gears.


Drag Slicks, Stock springs, Racing shocks, Low Rider ride height, Rocket Fuel, Quad Turbo, Ludicrous engine, and Pro Short Gears.

Recommended Cars


Type Manual Auto Remind
Nissan Skyline R34 Sport X X Grip the corners.
Tesla Roadster 2.0 Electric X Definitely try to drift the corners in the Tesla.
Lamborghini Egoista Super X This car will need some aid from the handbrake to get around some of the corners.
Porsche 918 Spyder Super X An all-rounder when it comes to the racetrack. Be careful on how you enter turn 1.
Saleen S7 Super X This car is the grip king. But make sure the suspension is raised to offroad so you don't flip.
Mazda RX7 Sport X This Coupe needs to be max upgraded and grips all the time.
Toyota AE86 Sport X This car can punch above it's weight thanks to it's low weight and fast cornering.

Dune Rally


It is one of the most unpopular race in the game, due to its location (middle of the desert) and the level of difficulty (racing on sand)


Monster truck ride height, off-road tires, Ludacris engine, Rocket fuel and Quad Turbo.

Recommended Cars


Type Manual Auto Remind
Dodge Viper GTS Super X N/A
Dodge Ram 3500 Truck X The slowest in recommend list.
McLaren P1 Super X X You'll lost control easily while in hurry
Tesla Roadster Electric X commonly gets out of control gets out of control by the flying glitch.
Jeep Trackhawk SUV X Remember not to lose control
Rip Rod™ Special X It's a bit slow, so make sure max upgrade it.
Sandivore™ Special X It's easy to flip, so you'd better use Street racer/low rider suspension.
Porsche Cayman GT4 Sport X Very stable, great for beginners to this race

Around The World


--- as the name of the race, known for the best race for grind and the longest(4 Miles). 3-16 players have to drive around the map clockwise for 1 lap.You get 40k for first place, 20k for second,


There's two choice to finish this race --- Drift or Grip (or both of it).

Recommended tunes:

Mainly Drift:

Drift Tires, Racing springs, Racing shocks, Street racer ride height, Rocket Fuel, Ludicrous Engine, Quad Turbo, and Pro Long Gears

Mainly Grip:

Drag Slicks, Racing springs, Racing shocks, Low Rider ride height, Rocket Fuel, Ludicrous Engine, Quad Turbo, and Pro Long Gears


Watch your speed when your car is about to reach the first corner / near the dock, remember to stay slower than usual (around 100-300 mph) during these corners.

This race requires a stable car.

Recommended Cars

Vehicle Type Manual Auto Remind

Tesla Roadster 2.0

Electric X Easy to control for players who have skill, could get under 57 seconds if done right. Fastest car in recommended
McLaren P1 Super X Stable, a choice for players that're interested in both drift and grip
Dodge Hellcat Super X One of the most commonly used, performs well in average
Lamborghini Egoista Super X X The 2nd fastest in recommended, could reach under 59 seconds with skills(Best grinding vehicle)(Best braking)
Pagani Zonda R Super X Fast and stable (cheap but good grinding vehicle)
Koenigsegg Agera R Super X Fast and somewhat stable, must control speed, below average brakes and handling, use this if experienced with stiff cars.
Mazda RX7 Sport X Cheap and extremely fast. Can get 62 seconds when driven by a highly experienced driver.
Saleen S7 Super X X This car is 'grippy' and is not good at drifting, so use this if you prefer to grip more. Can easily get under 60 when driven right.
Lamborghini Veneno Super X A very fast car with a good amount of oversteer. doesn't need the handbrake to drift, just let off the throttle.
Bugatti Veyron Supersport Super X Forgiving, stable, and a very high top speed with good handling. Can easily get under 65 when driven well.
Porsche 918 Spyder Super X Its a good allrounder, very grippy and can corner at high speeds.
Ferrari Laferrari Super X This car has good handling, good top speed, and good braking, its a bargain car for atw hypercar users.
Lykan Hypersport Super X This car has good handling, top speed, good braking, and decent acceleration. With enough practice, you can get under 65 seconds easily.
McLaren Senna Super X It has a good top speed, it grips well, it can get around 60-68 seconds if done well. But it does slide, so be careful
Lamborghini Huracan Super X Despite its top speed, if used correctly, it can get in the 60's zone, you can grip or powerslide
Koenigsegg Jesko Super X This car is amazing, it has really good handling, and very good drifting, depsite its weak braking, it is still very good, you just gotta use the handbrake and start drifting. Once you master this, you can get around 55 seconds
Toyota Supra Sport X Using the drag slicks, you DON'T grip, but drift.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Super X Like the Supra, use drag slicks and drift.

Hill Climb


This race is located under the north side of the biggest mountain in this game. You will need an off-road vehicle-such as a Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk.


In this race, you sill not want to lose control-so you can only have a grip and off-road setup.


Monster truck ride height, off-road tires, Ludacris engine, Rocket fuel and Quad Turbo.


  1. You may press X to jump if you meet a high ramp;
  2. To be a pro in this race, you'll need some practice and be careful of the route, or you will fall during the race. Since this race doesn't have a checkpoint except the finish line, players must plan their route well before the race starts, and you'll need a good OFF-ROAD vehicle like these below-

Recommended Cars

Vehicle Type Manual Auto Remind

Jeep Trackhawk

SUV X No.1 Recommened, easy to drive, easy to use, easy to win.
Tesla Cybertruck Electric X Not sure if this car works, but this is a nice choice for poor players.
Rip Rod™ Special X No.2 Recommened, But be careful when climbing the last part of the race. It will flip easily(side-flip), so make sure you are in the middle of the 'road'.
Lamborghini Egoista Super X It's here only because it has enough horsepower,but you may do a backflip easily.
Saleen S7 Super X It can finish in less than 25 seconds if used correctly and is maxed
Daemon 20 Super X Has enough power to easily handle the terrain, if you can control it.

Take Note

  • In the late 2018, the desert is covered with lava and rocks, soon replaces with snow and ice in the shakedowns
  • Around the early February 2019, the desert has been changed back from snow into normal terrain - sand
  • The Shakedown pt.2 Update Reworked how the chassis worked. This caused a bit of frustration with how the vehicles drove. This is still noticeable on the Porsche 911 Turbo S, as well as the Porsche Cayman GT4. Both have an odd driving chassis.
  • Before the recent updates, a *mini-game* called Hot Pursuit got removed with the *auto police car* from Vehicle Simulator.
  • Weeks later, the Hot Pursuit icon has been added back into the in-game mini map, but the game itself was still disappearing.
  • Spoilers and materials do affect handling. This will make your car a bit harder to control during Drift King and Race Track.
  • In 2020/3/17 update, the Highway lap number became 1,(used to be 2 laps), which means that now a race's time should be 38-45 secs(If everything went well)
  • Plus, in the 2020/3/17 update, the wait mechanism was removed, which means that now players don't need to wait until the previous race ends, instead they can start a new one immediately.
  • In the 2020/3/24 update, EVERY SINGLE RACE WAS BROKEN!!! Even the 'Race' icon in players' phones disappeared, and there were no GUIs when driving into the circles, although the circles were still visible. However, a few hours later, this bug was fixed. At the same time, the free Chiron (Bucatti Sharon) bug was fixed, too.
  • After that, some new races were added, including Highway Race/Around the world/Race track timing mode,and added a new race called Hill Climb(with timing mode,) and deleted Drift king mode in the shipping yard.

Tuning Guide

Tuning is the act of modifying your car in order for it to have a certain feeling, pretty much what you do in the auto shop, It is a really important aspect of Vehicle Simulator because it allows for you to customize your car to your own likes and driving style. Over here I'm going to explain what every single thing in the auto shop (that affects performance) does in a detailed way. I would advise you take a read of this before following any of the tunes above since it will give you an idea of what those tunes change in your car and save you up some money if the tunes above (like they usually are) are wrong.

Before i start explaining every single thing, i want you to think of tuning as balancing something, when you tune a car you want to have the balance that suits your preferences in driving. The things I'm going to explain are: Materials, Spoilers, Engine, Brakes, Tires, Camber, Suspension, Transmission, Nitro, Turbo Chargers and Other smaller stuff.


Materials are not just cosmetic, as many believe. They slightly affect acceleration (though very barely noticeable), and affect handling a lot. The lighter the material (e.g carbon fiber, glossy, semi gloss, etc), the more oversteer you get, the heavier the material (e.g corroded metal, metallic, diamond plate, etc), the more understeer you get. If you want to drift go for a light material, if you want grip go for a heavy material. As you would expect lighter materials make your car fly on ramps and make boats float more. Contrary to what has been claimed by the Roblox developers, materials still have different weights, as of Shakedown 2 update the weights of the materials changed a bit, but there's still a noticeable difference when trying to jump on a ramp.


Along with materials, these don't just bling out your car. Depending on your spoiler, they can affect your car's handling by a very large amount. The lighter the spoiler (e.g Veyron, no spoiler, Supra, Egoista, etc), the more oversteer you get. The heavier the spoiler (e.g double stacked Veneno, F40, GT3, Zonda, etc), the more understeer you get. They mostly affect the balance of the car, have in mind that there's no such thing as down force in the game thus spoilers don't affect speed at all. (Note : Try and make the balance of your car as close as possible to 50/50. For example, if your car is heavier in the front and lighter in the back, lean towards bigger spoilers, and if your car is heavy at the back and light at the front, go for a very small spoiler or no spoiler.)


For races with turns in them, the stronger the engine doesn't always mean the better. Choosing the right engine is based on how good your car brakes. If it brakes extremely well, then go for the Ludacris engine, no doubt about it; although if your car brakes very slowly, such as the Pagani Zonda, then you may want to tone down your engine. It's better to have a weaker engine, and be able to take a corner, than to have a stronger one and go into the ocean. The higher level the engine, the higher your top speed.


This depends again, on your cars braking power. If it brakes extremely quickly, you may want to stay with your stock brakes, as you can lose all of your speed when taking a corner if you have Racing Brakes. If your car brakes extremely slowly, then add Racing Brakes, as it only adds more braking power to your car.


This all depends on what your car's handling is like already, and what you want it to do. If you want to drift, the drift tires will decrease traction on your car, making it skid more. If you're looking for Grip then you should get either racing tires or drag slicks (same handling as racing slicks but costs 10 times the price and faster acceleration). it all depends on your setup, racing tires/drag slicks are not always the best because they can add a bit of oversteer and on a heavy oversteer setup it wont help a lot. Off-road tires are pretty straight forward, they increase the traction off-road and add a lot of understeer on normal surfaces.

Note ---

For the Races Guide, if you found out a serious weak point of your car...

etc : (AE86 with drift tires would be hard to control in Highway Race)

You should decide the tuning yourself instead of still following the guide...

etc : (Get the racing tires / keep the stock for the AE86)(Even though the AE86 is TRASH for gripping due to very low speed.)(stock-200KMH)


Camber is another important aspect of your cars handling, overall decreasing the camber will add a little bit of oversteer to your car, most of the time when exiting a corner, this comes with the cost of it being horrible off-road and having trouble with small bumps (specially if you go for the lower ends). In the other hand Positive Camber adds a barely noticeable bit of understeer but helps a lot with off-road.


Tuning your Suspension is a bit more complicated than most other things it consists of 3 things: (have in mind none of this changes your speed nor your acceleration)

Ride Height

This has a similar effect like the one in camber, lower cars oversteer a bit and have bad offroad capabilities and higher cars have off-roading capabilities and a little bit of understeer. A thing you could do is balance out your camber with your height to get different outcomes in your handling.


Racing springs add a bit more traction to the car, thus making it perfect for grip. Off-road springs make the car better for off-road (of course) and they decrease the oversteer of the car.


Racing Shocks make the turning a bit stiffer adding understeer (wouldn't recommend using these for the racetrack). Off-road Shocks do the same as the springs, they increase off-road capabilites and decrease oversteer.


The transmission is really simple, Long and Pro long add Max speed and decrease acceleration a bit, its perfect for courses with long straights like the highway and Short and Pro short add acceleration and decrease top speed a little, which is perfect for the racetrack and drag.

Nitro and Turbo Chargers

This is pretty straight forward, the more expensive your nitro is the more power it will give you. For some reason turbo charges don't work like they are supposed to, instead they just increase the amount of nitro you have and make the recovery faster. Generally speaking you should always go for rocket fuel and quad turbo.There is a glitch that still exist in VS that is the twin turbo has the same nitro capability as the quad turbo.(Simbuilder pls fix this:P)


Welded Differential

Welded differential adds a TON of oversteer, but also causes delayed turning(won't suggest this for gripping).advised keeping this out of your drift setups unless you want to make a drift car out of a really stiff car for example the Zonda. Adding this to say, the AE86 would make it nearly undriveable.

Air thrusters

These don't affect handling at all, they just make the car easier to flip when taking a corner at high speeds(even though this rarely happens), i would advise you take it off in a grip setup.

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