Perks are extra add-ons to the game that players can buy using Robux. Currently, as of the Beta version, there are six perks that players can buy, with prices ranging from R$50 to R$666. Perks are supposed to be useful to the buyer, but not to give the buyer a large advantage over others.

A list of all perks can be found below:

Radio - R$190


Game Description: This gives you the ability to play any sound ID on the ROBLOX catalog! Once purchased open the phone and go to the Radio application and follow the instructions on screen. Enjoy blasting your beats and crazy memes. You can also choose from preset radio stations.



SWAT - R$300


Game Description: Purchasing this game pass will allow you to join the Police team as a SWAT operative, you get everything the Police get, in addition the ability to convert any vehicle into a Police variant and unlimited Police auto-shop customization.

You also get a swat van when this perk is enabled



Insanity - R$666


Game Description: Purchase this and you'll be able to toggle a mode that is literally insane. This gives your current vehicle insane amounts of torque and doubles your current max speed, you'll also be able to climb walls! Once purchased go to the Insanity application. Insanity can not be used in races.

There was a bug were insanity could be used in races but has been since fixed



Pocket Auto Shop - R$290


Game Description: Purchasing this will allow you to customize your current vehicle without the need of the auto shops! It's an auto shop on the go!




Tow Truck Job - R$100


Game Description: Purchasing this game pass gives you access to the Tow Trucker job which comes with a tow truck where you can tow empty cars by clicking and dragging the hook to the rear bumper of another car. The tow truck is al

so completely customizable.



Incognito - R$30


Game Description: Lay low, hides your player from showing on the minimap and full screen map. Useful for secret missions or staying off the grid.

Also good for hide and seek



Game Description: Allows you to transport citizens to different destinations for a reward, it also gives you a rampaging City Bus, you can customize the City Bus at the Bus Depot.



Discontinued Perks

A List Of Discontinued Perks

Police - R$150


Game Description: Purchasing this game pass will allow you to join the Police team, you'll also receive three Police vehicles in your vehicles app as well as a radar gun to track other player's speed. In a future update code named the "Police Update" you'll receive even more goodies and vehicles. (This Perk has been replaced with the SWAT Perk)