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Mclaren Automotive is a car manufacturer that was founded by Ron Dennis. Mclaren Cars was founded in the year 1985. Mclaren's main products are sports cars. It released the Mclaren F1, a 3 seater sports car in the year 1992. The name for the F1 was possibly inspired by Mclaren participating in the Formula 1 for a very long time. Between 1994 and 2010, Mclaren Cars did not make any cars until 2010, when the company was renamed to Mclaren Automotive. Mclaren Automotive has a range of cars with different oprices, from the 570S ($200000) to the Mclaren P1 LM ($3.6 Million). Currently, there are two Mclaren cars in the game, the Mclaren 650S GT3 (Mclovin Sharpshooter GT3) and the Mclaren P1 (Mclovin P1). Both cars can be bought at the Supercars dealership.

Name Price Class Dealership
Mclovin Sharpshooter GT3 (Mclaren 650S GT3) $350000 Super Supercars Dealership
Mclovin T1 (Mclaren P1) $1600000 Super Supercars Dealership

McLaren P1 portal

Right: A Mclaren P1 in Vehicle Simulator


  • Mclaren's first logo had a kiwi.
  • The engine bay of the famous Mclaren F1 was lined with gold.
  • The famous McLaren F1 is even now the fastest naturally aspirated car in the world
  • Bruce Mclaren Motor Racing was founded in 1963 by Bruce Mclaren.
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