The Lost Island is one of the easter eggs in Vehicle Simulator.

You'll get a *Lost Badge* when you first time reach there.

To reach the island ---

1. Get an air vehicle.

2. Get to the Dock (the sunken ship next to airport) and check if you could see the island.

3. Take off (fly up or else the vehicle would explode upon touching the island border)and reach there.

4. When you reach the island your air vehicle will explode so eject as soon as you reach the island.

Tips ---

  • If you are driving a Helicopter, Fly in medium altitude and eject as soon as you reach the island
  • If you are driving Sea Plane or Pitts Stunt, take off in the airport, get there in high altitude and eject as soon as you reach the island
  • There is a huge empty space between both sides of sea, so it is unable to travel by Aquatic Vehicles
  • After you land on the island, get a car (Tesla Roadster, Hummer or other cars fits offroad is recommend)
  • The ghost wont be able to harm the player if he's on the sea
  • Only way to get out of the island is driving a Helicopter or get killed (Of course, you could also decide to leave the game)

Stuffs on the Island

  • a hidden hatch with numbers from the series
  • A cave containing a well with a refined rock formation in the middle
  • a mass burial pit
  • a radio tower like the one in bloxywood
  • The Man in Black (Also known as the ghost / black cloud)