Reminder : The game mode has been removed in the recent update (note will be taking down if it's been added back)


Hot Pursuit is a game mode released by Simbuilder on the 10th of August 2017. As the name suggests, it is a chase between police and criminals. But soon removed in the late 2018.

Game Steps

  1. Anywhere between 2-16 players can play this game, players can join using a phone like other races or stay inside the joining pad (left side of spawn / Auto's Car Dealership)
  2. When the game starts, players are divided into two teams: Criminal and Police. The criminals are supposed to evade the police for 300 seconds (5 minutes) until the game ends. The police are supposed to arrest the criminals within those 5 minutes or else they lose.
  3. To arrest the criminals, players in police role needs to get closer with the criminals. Soon, an orange bar will pop up (when the orange bar has filled up, the target would getting arrest).
  4. All players in the police team in this game mode will receive a siren on top of their car. However, this siren will be removed when the game ends.
  5. When the game is over, any Criminals who are left will receive $10,000 for surviving, every arrest avoided gets them $2,500. Police meanwhile get $5,000 divided by the amount of criminals per criminal they arrest, and $5,000 for winning. (e.g. 2 criminals means each criminal arrest equals $2,500)

Note / Hints

(Hints from Theusaf)

  • If you're in the police role, exit the car before the game ends will keep the siren
  • Planes can be used if spawned before the game starts.
  • Players can stay as the police / criminal clothing by switching to police / criminal during the game