Hill Climb is a relatively new race added not too long ago. The players objective is to race other people to the top of the mountain and win. The race is one of the hardest in the game, as it is easy to fall off the mountain, thus facing you with a near vertical climb which is impossible. The race is currently widely unknown.


There are a few tactics one may want to know when racing on this race, as it is quite tough and you will need the right car and skill to complete it.


The car you choose for this race is important. It is most suitable to use an AWD that handles like an AWD. Some cars that suit this criteria are:

You can also use a FWD or a RWD, but it is recommended to use an AWD. It should also be noted that setups for appropriate modifications should be the following:

  • Offroad Tires
  • Monster Truck ride height
  • Offroad Springs
  • Offroad Shocks

Using these setups along with the aforementioned cars should get you to the end quite easily.

Parts in the race to be aware of

There are also parts in the race that you should be aware of.

  1. Near the top of the mountain, there is a near vertical cut in the mountain. It is recommended that you jump up the cut, as it will be very hard to drive up it.
  2. Edges. Always stay away from edges. Driving up the mountain tends to be quite slippery, meaning that driving on edges can mean falling off the mountain (which means you won't be able to come back up, because this race haven't got a checkpoint except the finish line).
  3. The start. There are many rocks and trees around the starting point of the race, meaning you can stuff up easily. Avoid driving near these objects. It is also rough.


  • This race is widely unknown.
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