Ferrari (Faccia)


Ferrari is a car manufacturer that specialises in making fast super cars. The brand was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947. Their primary focus was racing, but they later made road cars to help fund the racing. Ferrari is famous for their iconic cars, which most commonly appear in red, though there are some other colors, such as blue or yellow ferraris. Arguably Ferrari's greatest cars are the 288 GTO, F40, F50, Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari LaFerrari. These cars are often referred to as the Big 5. Currently, in Vehicle Simulator, there are only two Ferraris (or Faccias due to copyright reasons), namely the Ferrari F40 (Faccia Z-40) and the Ferrari LaFerrari (Faccia LaFaccia). These two cars are both part of Ferrari's Big 5.

Name Price Class Dealership
Faccia Z-40 (Ferrari F40) $700000 Super Supercars Dealership
Faccia LaFaccia

Faccia LaFaccia (Ferrari LaFerrari)

$1400000 Super Supercars Dealership


  • 'La' means 'the', so the Ferrari LaFerrari means Ferrari the Ferrari, as it is the definitive Ferrari.
  • Ferrari LaFerrari is also referred to as project name F150
  • Ferrari F40 was Enzo Ferrari's last project before he passed.
  • Ferrari LaFerrari and Ferrari F40 both have race car versions, namely the FXX-K and the F40 LM respectively.
  • Enzo Ferrari died on August 14, 1988, one year after the F40 debuted.
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