The Edison Dealership (formerly the Tesla Dealership) is the only dealership in-game to sell Edison cars, which are the game's only electric cars. There are 5 cars, which are the Edison Model S at $59,900, the Edison Model X at $160,000, the Edison Roadster 2.0 at $12,000,000, the Edison Cybertruck at $70,900, and the Edison Model 3 at $59,990. It is currently situated on the west coast of the map, near the beach and the Aquatic Dealership. There is now an empty vehicle pad thereafter the Edison Roadster was removed that was then filled in by the Edison Cybertruck. This dealership has historically sold 7 models of cars in total. (Refer to trivia section below)

Cars Sold

This dealership sells 5 cars. Its price range is rather large, from $59,990 - $12,000,000, averaging $3,904,750 per vehicle.

The following car list is arranged in alphabetical order according to the second column.

a Car Name Brand (In-Game) Formerly Known As Modeled After Brand (Real Life) Class Price
1. Edison Model S Tesla Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Electric $150,000
2. Edison Model X Tesla Tesla Model X Tesla Model X Tesla Electric $160,000
3. Edison Roadster 2.0 Tesla Tesla Roadster 2.0 Tesla Roadster 2020 Tesla Electric $12,000,000
4. Edison Cybertruck Tesla Tesla Cybertruck Tesla Cybertruck Tesla Electric $70,900
5. Edison

Model 3

Tesla Tesla

Model 3


Model 3

Tesla Electric $59,990
Total Cost $12,440,800

Cost (5 Cars in Total)



  • Some time ago, before the new update, it was possible to buy the old Model S for $100,000. People who bought that, they still have the car in their phone and it is fully functional, and it is named as Tesla Model S (2013).
  • Edison Roadster was once obtainable from the Tesla Dealership before an update. Soon, the Edison Roadster 2.0 moved to its current pad and the old Edison Roadster 2.0 pad became empty until the addition of the Edison Cybertruck.
  • All Edison cars in-game (except the 2013 Model S) have an AWD (All Wheel Drive) drivetrain.
  • It was formerly called the Tesla Dealership
  • All Tesla vehicles only have the brand names changed, not the actual name of the car. (In Tesla Model S, only the "Tesla" was changed. The "Model S" stayed the same, unlike other vehicles. (E.g. Lamborghini Egoista and Peregrine Manifesto; both the brand and the name of the car are changed.))
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