The Dirt Bike was added on 30/5/20. It is, like the name implies, a dirt bike. The exact model it is inspired by is unknown at the moment, however it is believed to be a Honda of some sort, and if it is, making it the first Honda vehicle in the game.


The Dirt Bike drives around 263 mph, which is 2 mph slower then the Suzuki.

The Acceleration is below average for a vehicle that can go 263 mph.

Handling is good, handles like any other bike

Ride Height is good, it does not jerk while steering, which is good for circuit races.

Braking is good for this vehicle.


  • If the player goes fast enough, the Dirt Bike automatically does a wheelie, which is unique to the vehicle. However, this is probably subject to change.
  • Changing the window tint of the bike changes the headlight tint.
  • When it falls with you on it, the seat of the bike would clip under the world with you in it, allowing you to fall out of the world if you get out of it.
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