This Page Is Out Dated, It Will Be Updated In The Near Future


When adding new pages to the wiki or editing pages, please ensure that these are put in the correct categories. These can be seen in the pictures below. This might be illogical at the moment but in the future, it will work. Most categories will have pages with the same name, for example, Dealerships, this page is put in the Dealership category. More are to be added in the future. Thank you for contributing to the wiki. VEHICLES ARE NOT IN VEHICLE TYPE CLASS!

Category Levels

Black are Pages, not Categories.

Category Tree V2 1-3
Category Tree V2 2-3
Category Tree V2 3-3

Level 1 (Highest): Blue

These are the highest pages, also known as the wiki.

Level 2: Orange

Level 3: Cyan

Car pages are in the category that is the class of the car. For example, Volkswagen Beetle is classed as compact so the page as the category Compact, not the vehicle type!

Level 4: Green