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The Bugatti Chiron has been renamed to Bucatti Sharon due to copyright reasons.


(Sourced from Wikipedia)

The Bugatti Chiron is a mid-engine two-seater sports car developed and manufactured in Molsheim, France by French automobile manufacturer Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.. The successor to the Bugatti Veyron, the Chiron was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show on 1 March 2016. The car is based on the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The car is named after the Monegasque driver Louis Chiron. The car shares the name with the 1999 Bugatti 18/3 Chiron concept car.

The main carryover component from the Veyron is the 7,993 cc (8.0 L) quad-turbocharged W16 engine, though it is heavily updated. The engine in the Chiron has a peak power output of 1,103 kW (1,500 PS; 1,479 hp) at 6,700 rpm and 1,600 N⋅m (1,180 lb⋅ft) of torque starting from 2,000 to 6,000 rpm. The engine in the most powerful variant of its predecessor, the Veyron Super Sport generates 220 kW (299 PS; 295 bhp) less than the new Chiron, while the engine in the original Veyron generates 367 kW (499 PS; 492 hp) less power.

Like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Chiron utilises a carbon fibre body structure, independent suspension and a Haldex All-wheel drive system. The carbon fibre body has a stiffness of 50,000 Nm per degree.

The Chiron can accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2.4 seconds according to the manufacturer, 0–200 km/h (0–124 mph) in 6.5 seconds and 0–300 km/h (0–186 mph) in 13.6 seconds. In a world-record-setting test at the time in 2017, the Chiron reached 400 km/h (249 mph) in 32.6 seconds, after which it needed 9.4 seconds to brake to standstill.

The Chiron's top speed is electronically limited to 420 km/h (261 mph), or 375–380 km/h (233–236 mph) without the specific key, for safety reasons, mainly arising from the tyres as the manufacturer concluded that no tyre currently manufactured would be able to handle the stress at the top speed the Chiron is capable of achieving. Independent testing by an owner has indicated that the Chiron can easily attain its limited top speed. Mixed fuel consumption is 22.5 L/100 km (12.55 mpg‑imp; 10.45 mpg‑US).

Later in 2019, a modified Chiron became the first car that is road legal to break 300 MPH and reached 304.5 MPH. It is not an official record as an official record requires a round trip in order for the top speed run to be counted as official but for safety reasons, due to the surrounding circumstances of the circuit used for the run, the second run was not done. Bugatti stated that they are not aiming for top speed but just to be the first manufacturer to breach 300 MPH with Koenigsegg later firing back with a promise to be the first manufacturer to breach 500 KMH (310MPH) with their Jesko Absolut.


Max speed

The stock max speed is 328km/h. (214 mph), this is not quite good for a hypercar, as some other cars have higher stock speeds.


Acceleration is 1.30s, being faster than most supercars.




The car has average handling. The car is a heavy car, and it's very grippy. The car is prone to understeering.


Max Speed

With Pro-Long, the car hits a maximum of 258 mph ( 475 km/h) (no insanity). This is a drastic improvement from the original top speed. It's very slow at 2 million, and some cheap cars like the Gauntlet Cantero have a similar top speed.


With Pro-Short, acceleration is 1.20s but at this form, it is on par with most other supercars.


The braking is nothing crazy on the car, and putting racing brakes on it will only make a slight difference. All in all it has average braking.


When fully upgraded, this car will have less significant understeer and will have better handling. It still remains very heavy and the soft suspension even with racing shocks and springs don't encourage drifting even with welded differentials.


  • The car was added on 2020/3/24 without notice.
  • It was free for a few hours when it was first added. This was a mistake made by the developers.
  • The car was often suggested to developers, maybe being the reason why it was added.
  • It does not have its own rims or spoiler, unlike most cars.
  • If you put a spoiler on the Chiron, you will notice it is an active spoiler.
  • Most spoilers are too small for the Chiron and are often covered by the rear of the car. Spoilers that are visible include the Zonda spoiler, GT3 spoiler and Double Stacked Veneno spoiler.
    • In the 2020/03/28 update, this bug was fixed so now all the spoilers show. What's more in this update is that the Chiron got its own spoiler.
  • This is the second Bugatti in the game, therefore removing the Veyron’s only-child status.
    • Despite Simbuilder‘s hate for the Bugatti Veyron, the Chiron has normal stats. It does well in drag and its main competitors are cars between the $1m-$4m mark.
  • One of the only cars to have indicators that work.
  • When police sirens are put on the car, they cannot be seen but can be heard. The reason for this is they are hidden under the roof.
  • The Chiron is based off of the Standard Bugatti Chiron, which is electronically limited to only 261 mph.
  • This is the second slowest super car in the game, despite its price tag.
  • This car is probably the worst deal for a hypercar in the game
  • In the old atw it was trash, but since the new one is not top speed friendly, it is actually decent