The Azurean Ruins are located behind the Tunnel, it is also where the Dominus Azureus is found.

The Azurean Ruins can be located by finding the Tunnel, going through the smaller dirt tunnel leading to outside of the map. Then the player must swim through the waterfall to find the Azurean Ruins.

The Azurean ruins consists of several large destroyed buildings, some smaller trees, a large bridge, and a singular large tree upon which the Dominus Azureus rests upon one of it's roots.

Note: you can only get out of the ruins with a air vehicle or clicking the Dominus Azureus, which kills you

Azure outside

Entrance to the smaller tunnel leading into the Azurean Ruins from The Tunnel.

Azure inside

Ditto from the other side.

Dominus Azureus

The Dominus Azureus inside the Azurean Ruins