The Airport Quarter Mile Race is a race located at the Airport. It is one of, if not, the most common race that is done in the game. The reason for this is that the race helps players test out their cars, and if their upgrades were worth it. It's also very close to spawn, so players can easily get to it.

The race is very normal looking, except for the fact that it's clearly illegal looking to race in an airport. The "register point" (where one parks on and waits for his/her turn to race) is located right beside the runway. As like any other race, both racers will be teleported to their respective starting place, and a countdown along with red, yellow and green lights will appear only to the racers. Upon T-2, a GUI will appear, indicating the player's position, time and lap. Both racers will be able to see a transparent, yellow block in the distance. This block indicates where the finish line is.

In this race, players will very often miss the yellow block, or occasionally glitch and not register as finished. In order to finish the race, the racer must cross the yellow block, otherwise they will not be registered as finished, and will still be counted as still racing.


  • If someone wanted to get the Lamborghini Egoista, it would take approximately nine thousand races of you winning to make $12,000,000. (Not counting all the money you'd make while driving the car).
  • Also using any Super Car including the driving (assuming back and forth being 1/2 of a mile), it would take you around 2700 races to earn $12,000,000.
  • In real life, the average runway length is not 1/4 of a mile, rather it is 1.5 miles for regional airports and 2 miles for a major airport on average.
  • Some veteran players do not consider this as a race, since it requires no skill and barely any player input.