The Koenigsegg Agera is a mid-engined sports car produced by Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg. It is a successor to the CCX/CCXR. The name comes from the Swedish verb 'agera' which means "to act" or in imperative form "(You) act!".

The Agera R made its debut at the March 2011 Geneva Motor Show—with a Speed Racer livery theme and special Michelin tires. It can accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2.8 seconds and reach a theoretical top speed of 439 km/h (273 mph). The Agera R has a drag coefficient of Cd=0.37, or Cd=0.33 at high speed due to its adaptive rear wing, while producing 300 kg (660 lb) of downforce at 250 km/h (155 mph). This adaptive rear wing system is lighter than conventional hydraulic/electrical adaptive systems and has the unique ability to compensate for head/tailwind due to its spring-loaded design. Furthermore, the pylons holding the wing play not only a role in the Agera R's aerodynamic performance but also assist in extracting hot air from the engine bay.

On 2 September 2011, during test sessions in Ängelholm, the Agera R broke six world land speed records for a production car, including 0–300 km/h (0–186 mph) in 14.53 seconds, and 0–300–0 km/h in only 21.19 seconds. The braking performance required to maintain this record is enabled in part by the Agera's stability, demonstrated by Koenigsegg's test driver and drivetrain technician Robert Serwanski, who was recorded by passenger Rob Ferretti (founder of the group "Super Speeders") braking from 300 km/h to 0 without holding the steering wheel.

The Agera R ceased production in 2014, while the Agera brand ceased production in July 2018 with the unveiling of two final edition cars at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was succeeded by the Jesko in 2019.


The Agera R has the fastest stock speed in the game (tied to various other cars) and is great if anyone is looking for a decent farming car that costs below 2 Million. What this car falls behind though is in acceleration, handling, and braking.

Max Speed

The car reaches the highest possible stock speed of 273 mph (439 kmh).


This car has okay acceleration taking it 3.1 seconds to go from 0-100. This car has a drag time of 8.1 seconds in the Quarter Mile.


The Agera, like it's acceleration, has okay braking, having a braking power of 0.6. For a car with a high top speed, it is heavily recommended to get upgrades for braking.


Handling of this car is rather poor having a handling power of 0.4. At high speeds, it barely turns and because of it's surprisingly good grip, hand-brake turning will also prove to be ineffective.


Upgrading this car improves it dramatically in terms of top speed and acceleration. Handling and Braking still remain sluggish (and appears worse if accounting it's increased speed and acceleration).

Max Speed

Upgrading it's speed allows it to have the highest possible top speed in the game of 405 MPH (651 kmh) (With nitro).


The acceleration improves dramatically and can actually do quite well in the Quarter Mile. It takes the Agera 2.5 seconds to go from 0-100. In the Quarter Mile drag, it can achieve a time of 6.8 seconds.


The braking is still sluggish (for this kind of car), but improves a bit to a 0.7. With racing brakes, it will take about 4-6 seconds before it comes to a full stop starting from the max speed.


Handling is still poor and will not do well in races besides the Drags and possibly Highway Race.


  • The in-game description is a reference to it's manufacturer, Koenigsegg, due to the difficulty in pronouncing it. It's pronunciation is kö-nig-zeg.
  • The Agera R was featured prominently in the Need for Speed franchise, prominently in Criterion Games' Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) and Ghost Games' Need for Speed Rivals (2013). It is also featured in the 2013 mobile game Real Racing 3.
  • The Koenigsegg Agera RS variant is currently the world's fastest production car, setting a verified record in 2017 with a GPS-verified two-way average top speed of 447 km/h (278 mph) and a fastest straight-line speed of 458 km/h (285 mph).